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Commitment to Retail

Faust Distributing Company provides “BEST IN CLASS” sales, service and support to every retail account in our assigned market area with the intention of growing our mutual businesses. Faust Distributing Company serves 3,400 retail accounts in 12 counties, in and around the Houston area. Our well trained sales and support staff exemplifies professionalism, commitment and integrity. We are proud to represent the finest portfolio of domestic, specialty and imported brands available in the industry.


At Faust Distributing Company, we recognize that different account channels have diverse needs. Based on that fact, we have developed a sales organization that is structured to address the needs of the four distinct channels: on premise, draft, large format grocery and small format convenience. This structure enables the Faust sales team to become the experts in each sales channel. This process facilitates the "value added" approach that the Faust sales team brings to each retail account. Each member of the Faust team becomes a "partner/consultant" for their customers.


We have a dedicated sales force focused against package sales to the on premise class of trade. That sales force is augmented by a direct sale draft team, supported by a 4 person merchandising group. Additionally, we have an inside sales group dedicated to servicing lower volume accounts.


Our large format team calls on super markets, super centers and club stores. The team is comprised of 13 account managers, 26 full-time and 12 part-time merchandisers. Our small format team has the responsibility of calling on convenience stores, as well as liquor and drug. These channels represent 42% of Faust's business and are supported by a team of 28 salesmen and 6 swing salesmen. All 3 on and off-premise teams are led by a group of 4 regional managers and a team of 13 highly skilled division managers.


Additionally, we have a craft team consisting of a craft brand manager, a craft brand sales associate and 2 craft brand account managers who call on our craft-centric high volume accounts, both on and off-premise.


At Faust Distributing Company, we are dedicated to providing a fully integrated Category Management Program, including space management, in-depth sales analysis and enhanced brand strategy programs. We support the selling efforts of our sales team with a full selection of marketing tools, both from our suppliers and our in-house sign department. Additionally, we understand the importance of community involvement and for that reason we have a dedicated special event coordinator.


We pledge to assist our retailers in reaching their overall sales and profit growth objectives with a fully integrated 360 degree sales and service experience.