Faust Distributing History
Faust Distributing Company
Faust Distributing History


Faust Distributing Company celebrates a rich history that can be traced back to an ambitious young man working as a route salesman in Galveston, Texas.

Don Faust started his career in the beer business at the age of sixteen.  He worked the second shift (3 to 11pm) at the Southern Select Brewery in Galveston, Texas.  After graduating from High School he was employed by Falstaff Distributing in 1945 at the age of 18. Falstaff executives quickly noticed Don's initiative, and he rose briskly through the ranks. By the age of 21, he was named advertising manager. At 23, Falstaff promoted him to assistant sales manager.


Don Faust's mantra was and is today, "Sell yourself first and the beer will sell itself." This rang true with the Griesedieck family, owners of the Falstaff brewery in St. Louis. Consequently, in 1957, when Faust and numerous others bid on the newly available Falstaff Distributing Company in Baytown, Texas, the Griesedieck family was instrumental in his selection as a distributor. At 30, he was the youngest distributor in Falstaff's 34-state sales area. The distributorship consisted of a 3,000 square-foot warehouse, four route salesmen, one warehouseman and one manager.


Falstaff Distributing grew rapidly under Faust's leadership. In 1960, Falstaff Distributing moved to a 6,600 square-foot warehouse on North Main Street. The distributorship gained even more momentum when it began distributing Miller products in 1965. Because it was no longer solely a Falstaff beer distributorship, Don Faust changed the name of his company to Faust Distributing Company. In 1966, he moved his newly named company to a 12,000 square-foot warehouse. At that time, Faust Distributing employed 20 people, had nine route trucks and managed 900 customer accounts.


In 1974, a calorie-conscious nation welcomed the advent of Miller Lite. Within the next five months, Faust sold 31,000 cases of the new brand. Soon, Miller Brewing Company became Faust Distributing's predominant supplier. As the Miller brand gained steam, the Falstaff brand began losing its popularity. In 1975, Don Faust gave the distributing rights for the Falstaff brand to a close friend and competitor, Buddy Bray, owner of Pearl Distributing of Baytown, Texas.


In 1978, Faust Distributing began expanding its reach beyond east Harris County. That year, Faust purchased South Texas Distributing in Poteet, Texas -- a distributorship servicing a five-county area south of San Antonio. In 1984, Faust purchased Western Oklahoma Distributing Company in Clinton, Okla., which serviced one-third of the state.


The success of Faust Distributing Company did not go unnoticed. Faust Distributing was revered for its focus on innovation and excellence. In 1978, the company received the prestigious Miller Masters Award, and subsequently, won more Miller Masters Awards than any other participating distributor in the United States -- 16 out of 17 awards. Expansion and success led to growing pains and, in 1980, the company moved to its state-of-the-art facility at 8751 Flagship Drive in Houston.


Always looking toward the future, Faust Distributing Company began moving heavily into import acquisitions in 1992. The company began distributing such popular brands as Shiner, Corona, Heineken, LaBatts, Guinness, Tecate and Dos Equis. A few years later in 1998, Faust Distributing purchased Brooks Distributing Company of Conroe, Texas, which distributed Miller brewing Company products in Montgomery and Brazoria counties. The company continued expanding its product list when it acquired Stefani Distributing. With this acquisition, Faust began distributing Coors products. In March 2000, Faust Distributing and Houston Distributing Company acquired Aspromonte Coors Distributing. Through this consolidation, Faust Distributing assumed responsibility for distributing Coors products to customers in Brazoria County.


Faust Distributing Company continues to enjoy success through teamwork, determination and innovation. Presently, Faust employs close to 200 people and operates from an office/ warehouse facility of 170,000 square feet on 26 acres fronting Interstate 10 -- an ideal location for employees, customers and suppliers.