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Faust Distributing Careers

Careers at Faust Distributing

Meet Our Employees


Carmela Ramirez

Account Manager-Hispanic Markets 

With Faust Distributing since November 1996 

  “Faust distributing is a great place to work. It is a family owned business and the Faust are some of the greatest people to know and work for. They care about you as an individual and will help you in the time of need. We are all one big family here at Faust everyone has great respect for one another and the friendships that are developed make the workplace a more enjoyable, fun place to look forward to coming to each day.”




Wilbert “Will” Merritt


With Faust Distributing since February 1989 


“Faust Distributing Company works like a well-oiled machine. Everyone from the sales people to the warehousemen work hard to ensure that our customers get the best service.  No other company comes close to delivering the level of service that Faust achieves every day. Faust is THE distributor of distributors. We are Number One in the industry and each of us puts in 110% to keep it this way.”




Clayton Williams

Account Manager, with Faust Distributing since July 1988 


"Mr. Faust, Don, Jr., and Tyson - Thank you all for keeping me around for twenty plus years. Your hearts are bigger than life itself and I thank you for all you have done for my family, me, and my co-workers. You are the best. You all treat me like family and may God bless you, the Faust Family, and Faust Distributing Company. I always pray for all of you and ask God's blessings and that He may keep you all."




Lonnie Fultz

Account Manager, with Faust Distributing since November 1981 


"After all these years, Faust is like my family. Faust has allowed me and my family to have a good living. Not every working person can say that."




Brian "Stump" Linscombe

Customer Service, with Faust Distributing since 1998 


Stump has been in the beer business for 24 years. Over that time he has built many great relationships. His reputation and work ethic are outstanding. He is a leader in the Customer Service Department. He always leaves a positive impression on our retailers.




Philip Espinosa

Customer Service Representative & Driver Trainer, with Faust Distributing since September 1998 


"Faust Distributing Company is a great place to work. It is one of a dying breed of companies that really cares about its employees. Faust creates an environment that makes every employee feel that they are important to the overall success of the company. I take my role as Driver Trainer very serious because, it gives me the opportunity to instill the value of teamwork. I am very proud to have been a part of the company's success for over 10 years. I take great honor in serving Faust Distributing Company on a daily basis."